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Duplex Filter 01 Product Parameters Duplex Filter 02 Product Structure The filter is suitable for filtering all kinds of fine particle impurities in liquid materials such as fresh milk, sugar liquid, beverage, glue liquid and Chinese herbal medicine liquid. The two filter cartridges can be filtered at the same time or alternately. The filter can be cleaned or replaced after switching through the valve without stopping the machine, which is especially suitable for continuous production. It has the characteristics of large amount of dirt, fast filter speed, low cost of use and convenient operation. The filter consists of two cylinders and connecting pipes. The inner and outer surfaces are polished. The filter cartridge is equipped with a stainless steel strainer and a filter support basket. The top is equipped with a venting valve for discharging the air inside the filter during filtration. The upper cover and the filter cartridge are connected by a quick-opening structure, which is more convenient for cleaning (replacement) of the filter screen. The three adjustable feet allow the filter to be placed on the ground smoothly. The connecting pipe adopts the joint or clamp connection mode. The inlet and outlet valves are opened and closed by the sanitary butterfly valve, which can withstand high pressure and high temperature, and the operation is flexible and convenient, no liquid leakage, and more sanitary. Duplex Filter 03  The equipment is made of stainless steel and consists of two cylinders. The single-layer stainless steel welded structure has polished inner and outer surfaces and a venting valve at the top for deflation during operation.
  • The pipe joint adopts bulging connection. After the 0.3Mpa water pressure test, the three-way male screw plug is flexible to open and close. The device is compact in structure, easy to operate and easy to maintain.
  • This filter adopts two three-way ball valves, and the two single-tube filters are assembled on a single stand. When the filter is cleaned, it is not necessary to stop and ensure continuous operation. It is the first choice for the filter device of non-stop production line. The filter elements of the filter, in addition to the use of stainless steel filter elements, can also be made of high-quality honeycomb-type defatted fiber cotton, which can filter out particles with a particle size of 1p or more. The filter can also be used in a single cylinder. At this time, only the common base is removed and the rest of the components are not changed.
  • The internal and external surfaces of the filter are polished. The filter barrel is equipped with a stainless steel filter and a filter support basket. The top is equipped with a bleeder valve to discharge the air in the filter during filtration. The connection mode between the cover and the filter cartridge adopts a quickopening structure to facilitate cleaning and replacement of the filter. Three adjustable feet allow the filter to rest on the ground. The pipeline connection adopts moveable connection or clamp connection; the inlet and outlet valves adopt three-way ball valves to open and dose, withstanding pressure and temperature, flexible and convenient operation, no liquid leakage, and more healthy.
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