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Heating and Cooling Tank 62_02 PRODUCT STRUCTURE 62_05 Steam Heating and Cooling Tank(with cover and mixer) SS304 Specifications 62_07 62_0962_11 Optional Speed: 17RPM, 32RPM, 48RPM, 60RPM, 82RPM, 127RPM, 155RPM, or stepless speed, frequency control Jacket Pressure: 0.08 ~ 0.3MPa, inner tank pressure: atmospheric pressure Jacket Temperature: <138℃, inner tank temperature: Materials: Inner Tank: stainless steel SUS304/SUS316L; Jacket : SUS304/Q235-B; Outer Tank: SUS304 According to design pressure and characteristics of medium, tank could be classified as atmospheric pressure tank and first-type pressure tank Heating and Cooling Tank 1,000L
1.Reducer A. Inlet
2.Reducer Base B. Outlet
3.Removable Cover C. Steam/Water Inlet
4.Liner D. Overflow Port
5.Jacket E. Condensate Outlet
6.Insulation Layer F. Cooling Water Inlet
7.Outer Layer
9.Stirring Paddle
10.Valve Array
11.pressure gauge
12.Safety Valve
Note: 1. Power of stirring motor in the chart is for reference. Configurations of power of stirring motor, stirring speed and stirring paddle type depend on nature of processing materials. 2. Other requirements not listed in the diagram, such as volume, can be customized according to user requirements. 3 To determine best suitable batching tank, please provide such information including: nature of material, working pressure, working temperature, working conditions, and etc. 4.Attached technical documents: drawings (CAD) of structure and dimension, installation drawings, quality certificate, manual of installation and operation. PRODUCT SHOWCASE 62_14 62_16 62_17

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