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*The above information is for reference only and can be customized according to customer requirements. *This equipment can be customized according to the nature of raw materials to meet the needs of the process, such as greater viscosity, homogenization and other requirements. PRODUCT STRUCTURE It has multiple functions such as mixing, stirring, dispersing, homogenizing, emulsifying, etc., and has strong versatility. It has stable and uniform performance, and is especially suitable for the production of dairy products, beverages, food and medicines. No powder, no particles, no clump formation. High efficiency: Compared with the traditional process, it can shorten the working time by about 80%, greatly improve the production efficiency and reduce the production cost. It is not only widely used in continuous automatic production lines, but also in different batch production applications, especially suitable for high-viscosity, insoluble materials (viscosity up to 90.000mPas). The equipment has no dead ends and can be fully equipped with CIP/SIP, which meets the sanitary requirements and standards. Modular structure: Direct use without on-site installation and commissioning, greatly reducing installation costs. Compact structure: small space occupation, easy to integrate with other systems, saving investment.Water and powder mixer with platform 02 SYSTEM COMBINATION System workbench: Optional material is stainless steel SUS304 or 316L. The entire equipment system is relatively closed, clean, hygienic, safe, and easy to operate. Dry powder feeder: It is a V-shaped feed port, used to add dry powder solids, with an adjustable sanitary valve, and the control method is manual or pneumatic. Sight glass: (optional): It is convenient for the operator to visually observe the working condition of the entire system. Emptying system (optional): used for cleaning, emptying and sampling. High-efficient mixer: It is the core functional component of the system. The cleverly designed, precise and tightly engaged rotor-stator system makes the high-efficiency online mixer possess a variety of unique and mutually unified functions. They rotate at a high relative speed with each other at a high speed and do not directly contact each other to avoid wear. It refers to the structure of a sanitary centrifugal pump. The pump shaft, mechanical seal and seal ring are all high-quality materials. The rotor, stator and cavity are all made of integral forged stainless steel through high-precision CNC machining. The system is stable, efficient, safe and reliable. High-efficient power system: The powerful liquid ring vacuum power system is an essential part of the system to ensure the system is efficient and stable, strong and safe. The powerful hygienic liquid ring vacuum self-priming system provides conveying force for the entire mixer system and power for solid materials. It adopts stainless steel mechanical seal, which is durable, stable and reliable. Safety protection system: The system is equipped with a stainless steel double filter protection system to avoid any metal solid particles (nuts, welding slag, metal pieces, sand, etc.) from damaging the system. Operating system: The operating system is designed reasonably, with a single button to start or stop operation, and faults are indicated separately. Simple operation and convenient maintenance. It has protection functions such as anti-overload, anti-short circuit, anti-phase loss and interlocking interaction to prevent misoperation. It can also be equipped with a fully automatic operating system according to customer needs. Stator/Rotor Type ◆ Narrow particle size distribution, high uniformity ◆ With short distance, low lift transmission function ◆ Elimination of quality differences between batches ◆ Time-saving, high-efficiency, energy-saving ◆ Low noise and stable operation ◆ Easy to use, easy to maintain ◆ can achieve automatic control

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WORKING PRINCIPLE The high-efficiency online mixer is a new generation of system equipment for efficiently mixing solids and liquids; liquids and liquids. It has a strong liquid ring vacuum power system to ensure that the system works efficiently and is safe and reliable. It is also equipped with a set of ingeniously designed, precise and tightly engaged rotor-stator system, so that the system has a variety of unique and mutually unified functions. In a unique and compact structural system, the two systems cooperate and work together to make heterogeneous materials quickly and thoroughly homogenized and mixed in a small space, thereby obtaining a fine, uniform and stable final product.

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APPLICATION Food industry: homogenize concentrated fruit juices, long-fiber beverages, soups, various jams, fruit juices, mashed potatoes, mustard cakes, etc.; Dairy products: homogenize fermented milk products: excellent yogurt, soft cheese, butter, etc. Homogenize and mix milk products: such as ice cream, chocolate milk, cocoa milk, CMC, starch, malt extract, etc. Biomedicine industry: tissue homogenate, cell tissue body crushing, injection; antibiotics; medicinal ointment; microcapsule emulsification; Cosmetics industry: emulsify various face creams, lipsticks, liquid detergents, facial cleansers, skin care products, shampoos; Chemical industry: resin emulsification, surfactant, carbon black dispersion; dye coating Homogenize PVC plasticizers: various emulsions, photosensitive emulsions, additives, etc Petrochemical industry: emulsify asphalt; modified asphalt; heavy oil; diesel; lubricant; silicone oil, etc.

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PRECAUTIONS ◆ The emulsification pump adopts a specially designed high-speed rotor and stator combination. Under the drive of the motor, the rotor brings strong kinetic energy with extremely high line speed and high-frequency mechanical effect, which causes the material to be sheared, centrifugally squeezed, liquid layer rubbed, impacted and torn in the precise gap of the stator and the stator. The combined effects of turbulence, etc., to achieve the effect of dispersion, grinding, emulsification. ◆ According to different process requirements, the combination of multi-stage rotor and stator and composite structure can be configured. The machine is characterized by a large amount of processing, continuous on-line production, narrow particle size distribution, high uniformity, energy efficient, low noise, stable operation, and no dead ends, and materials are efficiently dispersed and sheared. ◆ The mechanical seal is a wearing part whose service life is related to operating conditions and maintenance. The mechanical seal on the machine is to rely on the material to cool, so it is strictly prohibited to run in the case of mechanical seal chamber without material, so as not to damage the mechanical seal. When the medium is a solidifying material, the material in the working chamber must be cleaned with a solvent after each use. ◆ Check whether the pump's inlet and outlet seals are in good condition, and whether debris, metal debris, or other materials that can damage the equipment are mixed into the equipment. Check whether the whole machine, especially the motor, is damaged when it is being transported or shipped out. ◆ Before connecting the equipment's inlet and outlet with the process pipe, the process pipe must be cleaned. After ensuring that the process pipe is free of welding slag, metal chips, glass chips, quartz sand and other materials that are detrimental to the equipment, it can be connected to the machine. The installation position and the container are required to be kept at a vertical level. The installation position should be vertical to the container. If it is installed obliquely, it must be well sealed and protected against moisture, dust, moisture, and explosion. ◆ Before starting the machine, connect the cooling water of the mechanical seaL When shutting down, turn off the power and then cut off the cooling water. The cooling water can be tap water, and the cooling water pressure is < 0.2Mpa. The power must be turned on after the material enters the working chamber, and the machine must not be operated in the absence of material to prevent the mechanical seal from burning out due to high temperatures or affecting the service life. ◆ Make sure that the direction of rotation of the motor is consistent with the direction of rotation marked on the spindle before turning on the machine, and the motor is prohibited from working in the opposite direction. During the operation of the machine, the liquid material must be fed continuously or within a certain amount in the container. The machine should be free from idling to avoid high temperature or crystal solidification of the material in the working chamber and damage to the equipment. ◆ The pump is used for emulsification, homogenization and dispersion of products in industrial production. The machine is composed of three or more layers of dual rotors. After the material is sucked into the rotor, it is subjected to several hundreds of thousands of shearing actions, and is sheared, dispersed, and emulsified in layers so that the multiphase liquid is highly dispersed and the fixed particles are rapidly refined.

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