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Product Parameters WRL Bottom Mixer 01 *The above information is for reference only and can be customized according to customer requirements. * This equipment can be customized according to customer's materials to meet the needs of the process, such as requiring greater viscosity, enhanced homogenization function, heat sensitive materials and other requirements. Product Structure The mixer works by the high-speed rotor gear and the stator gear to fully and rapidly emulsify, homogenize and disperse the mixture in the vessel. It is widely used in food, dairy, beverage, bio-pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, pigments and other industries to improve production efficiency and material quality. It is especially effective for the use of additives such as CMC, gums, and powders that are difficult to dissolve. WRL Bottom Mixer 02 Working Principle The machine is compact in structure, small in size, light in weight, easy to operate, low in noise and stable in operation. Its biggest feature is that it does not grind materials in production, and combines high-speed shearing, mixing, dispersing and homogenizing. The shearing head adopts a claw type and two-way suction structure, which avoids dead angles and eddies caused by difficulty in inhalation of the upper material. The high-speed rotating rotor produces a strong shear force that causes the material to break radially into the narrow, precise gap between the stator and the rotor. The material is subjected to centrifugal extrusion, impact and the like, thereby being sufficiently dispersed, mixed, and emulsified. Note: If the machine is used in a vacuum or on a pressurized container, an additional mechanical seal is required. WRL Bottom Mixer 03 Intermittent High Shear Working Process WRL Bottom Mixer 04 Product Showcase WRL Bottom Mixer 05 Combination and Collocation Moveable Manual/Electro-hydraulic Lifter WRL Bottom Mixer 06 Shear and Emulsification Tank WRL Bottom Mixer 07 Shear and Mixing Tank WRL Bottom Mixer 08

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